The Blockchain Academy Certificate notarized on the Blockchain

The latest Blockchain Academy held at Politecnico di Milano on December 12-13 2016 was a great success. At the end of our two days’ course on Blockchain we awarded all our participants with the following certificate which has been then notarized and timestamped on the immutable Bitcoin Blockchain.

To effectively notarize and record this certificate on the Bitcoin Blockchain we chose Eternity Wall’s notarization service.

The Blockchain Academy certificate was uploaded with the following document hash


and it has been notarized on the Bitcoin Blockchain at Wed Dec 21 2016 at 18:12:33. You can verify that the original document (here) gave the above hash on Eternity Wall.

The concept of Eternity Wall is simple: by directly hooking into the Bitcoin Blockchain, we were able to timestamp our document. Recording messages on the Blockchain allows information to be stored forever. Eternity Wall, founded by Riccardo Casatta, is the leading Italian project focused on notarization services. Casatta commented on our initiative stating the following:

We are proud Blockchain Academy chose our technology to timestamp their certificates. We are looking forward to provide better support to such an important use case of Blockchain technology”.



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