Round Table – Blockchain & Digital Identity

Round Table – Blockchain & Digital Identity

Blockchain & Digital Identity could share their growing path in the near future.

B3 – Blockchain Business Board – discussed the topic of Blockchain & Digital Identity in a Round Table which had several participants from different industries sharing ideas on how to integrate the two topics.
During the event, key experts – Dr. Stefano Capaccioli Fiscal expert in Cryptocurrencies and Dr. Sebastiano Scrofina Researcher at BlockchainLab – updated the audience on the intricacies and the status of Blockchain integration with Digital Identity.
Amidst the discussions, another idea emerged: the fact that new approaches could enhance reputation (and therefore identity) in the blockchain space seems very intriguing.
From a legal point of view, a digital identity based on a blockchain implementation still needs further investigation from different perspectives since many jurisdictions have different views on the matter.

In the end, the event was a good opportunity to share thoughts and ideas on the subject while providing an appropriate insight of the state of art of Blockchain today.
The Blockchain Academy is still on the move and the next event will take place in London in March. Stay tuned for the next update!


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