A 2 day event on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

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Why you should attend this event

Are you aware of the multiple challenges your organization will be facing when Blockchain Technology will be implemented in every major industry? Are your teams ready for a revolutionary change?

Choose the Blockchain Academy and learn what this new technology could do for your company.

With the advance of Digital disruption, it’s crucial to gain a proper understanding of Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain technology in order to leverage its full potential.

After three successful Blockchain Academy editions in Milan, London and Munich we decided to start again from Milan, at the heart of Italy’s most important innovation hub.

About the Bitcoin and Blockchain Course

As a participant, you will acquire the basics to start mastering the technological and socio-economic aspects of Bitcoin and Blockchain. You will be able, for example, to create and control your bitcoin wallet and to understand the technology that governs it. You will understand why everyone is interested in learning more about this topic and how to use what you will learn as a lever both in your personal and in your professional life.

The course is very interactive and combines in an appropriate way both theory and practice giving you the opportunity to acquire useful knowledge and tools to refine and improve your knowledge in this field. We have reached the fourth edition of the Blockchain Academy and thanks to our previous participants’ feedbacks we have improved and enhanced our course with new topics and material.


Organization of the Blockchain Academy

The Blockchain Academy Full version (2 days) is designed for those who want a complete and effective understanding of the Bitcoin phenomenon and Blockchain technology: the first day, is conceived as a conference in the morning in which it will be presented the state of the art of the technology, while the second part of the day will be dedicated to the first part of our course on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

The second day will provide the necessary insights for a deeper and structured understanding of the topics presented during the first day. All the latest updates on the main protocol advancements will be covered.

blochchainWho Should Attend to this event?

Blockchain Technology will be at the heart of multiple functions in any major organization. Our course does not require any prior knowledge because it will give a complete overview of the state of the art of the technology.

Previous Blockchain Academy attendees have been in roles such as:

  • Investors
  • CxOs, Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Product Managers, Product Owners and Business Analysts
  • Product & Software Developers
  • Digital Innovators
  • Blockchain And Bitcoin Beginners

Course topics

The course will be taught in English and will last two full days. During these two days, you will have ample opportunities to discuss  the following topics:

Digital Assets and Private Keys: recognizing the controlling mechanism of digital assets, wallets, hot/cold storage, exchanges and payment processors

Evolution of Money from Coins to Digital Gold: understanding how Bitcoin can be considered as digital gold and why it’s relevant for the history of money

Blockchain Applications beyond Bitcoin: using time-stamping, notarization services, distributed ledgers, and smart contracts

Blockchain Taxonomy: explaining core concepts like Transactions, Blockchain, Merkle Tree, Distributed Consensus, Mining

Fiscal and regulatory framework of cryptocurrencies: understanding how this new economic paradigm fits within the current Fiscal and regulatory frameworks


Educational Goals of the Seminar

What challenges the course address? We introduce and discuss blockchain challenges in order to allow our audience to:

Gain a proper understanding between hype and reality

  • Blockchain promises to change financial service. Are we able to say exactly how and why?

Grasp a solid understanding of the interplay between technology, game theory, cryptography and monetary theory

  • Are all descriptions of Blockchain coherent and convincing?

Figure out when and how these technologies can fit any potential business use case

  • Many  case studies are proposed by different players for Blockchain. Are any of them production ready?

Start to understand the legal aspects and implications of Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts

  • How does this contract work in legal terms?

Understand the kind of consensus as per your network topology and the governance model

  • What is the value of reaching consensus in a decentralized environment?

Appreciate and leverage the potential of this emerging ‘digital gold’

Is Bitcoin disruptive? Is there something better?



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