Litecoin Just Hit a New All-Time High

The digital currency Litecoin has reached a new all-time high, rising to $51.31 — surpassing 2014’s record $50.7. As we wrote recently, after a successful SegWit activation, Litecoin left the $3 to 5 value range to enter the two digits consistently.

According to, Litecoin rose more than 31.29% in the last 7 days.



After being the second largest cryptocurrency for years, Litecoin lost its market share due to the advance of Ethereum and Ripple. Today, Litecoin represents the 4th largest cryptocurrency and publicly available blockchain with a market cap close to $3 billion.

SegWit activation brought new lymph to Litecoin which is also having an increase in daily transactions and user recognition. It remains unclear the outlook for this coin but, for the time being, it seems consolidating its space among the top performing cryptos of the first half of 2017.


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