Increasing demand for skilled Blockchain professionals

Demand for expertise in Blockchain enabled technologies is rising from every industry while there is a lack of blockchain experts worldwide. Many companies are creating and starting their own Blockchain teams but skilled professional within this field are in huge demand, hence Universities are starting to design and implement new Blockchain related courses.

Moreover, due to this high demand blockchain job offers tend to be very high now. There’s an increasing number of job offers being advertised on LinkedIn and on the web. Very few professionals can include blockchain as a skill on their resume while recruiters are trying to find a way to standardize such skills.

Salaries within the Blockchain world are becoming very motivating since this is one of the most wanted skills for innovative companies as the interest about implementing blockchain into the existing frameworks grows.

As of today, only a few Universities can boost a Blockchain course as we speak: the most renowned Universities are Stanford, Berkeley, University of California, MIT, Cambridge, and Politecnico di Milano.

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