Blockchain & Start-ups: a new economic paradigm

Today we were in Munich for the Blockchain & Start-ups Digital Executive Community, an exclusive event organized by BTO Research. BTO Research Program is an Italian Leading Research Center on ICT and Digital Fields which offers a unique set of services represented through a formula that aims at supporting its partners in every digital challenge. Blockchain is a topic which starts to be recognized for its value and we were really pleased to be invited as guests for this event.

The introductory speech held by prof. Ferdinando M. Ametrano brought all participants on the very same page when talking about Bitcoin & Blockchain. It is undeniable that all the recent hype is very much originating from the price rise of all the major cryptocurrencies, which have an overall market capitalization of $100 billion as we write. Anyway, despite all this hype Prof. Ametrano pointed out the main relevant points which should be considered when looking at Blockchain.

After Prof. Ametrano’s speech two very interesting Blockchain Start-ups named Bernstein (intellectual property management on the blockchain) and Dropapp (blockchain p2p platform to encourage a blockchain society), presented their own projects and put another piece of the puzzle in the right place showing how Blockchain tech is coming to life.

We will be back to Germany on October 9-10, 2017 for our next Blockchain Academy and if you are interested in knowing more drop us a line or contact us via email or our social pages.


Image via BTO Research


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