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Who Should Attend?

  • Companies & Startups – To unlock the Blockchain innovation potential inside your organization
  • Professionals – Leverage our Blockchain Diploma to boost your career
  • Investors – Know your investment and make the most out of it

Blockchain Technology will be at the heart of multiple functions in any major organization. Our course does not require any prior knowledge because it will give a complete overview of the state of the art of the technology. After the successful participation at our Blockchain event you will unlock and receive our Blockchain Diploma.

Our past attendance

  • CxOs, Executives
  • Senior Managers
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Investors
  • Product Managers, Product Owners and Business Analysts
  • Product & Software Developers
  • Digital Innovators
  • Blockchain And Bitcoin Beginners

Why attending The Blockchain Academy Europe in Luxembourg City

Have you heard of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency recently? Are you aware of what challenges will need to be addressed? Are you ready for this revolutionary change?

Choose The Blockchain Academy Europe and discover all the advantages you will get by learning Bitcoin and Blockchain!

The correct understanding of the Bitcoin phenomenon and the underlying Blockchain technology is critical to understand and unlock its potential. “Distributed consensus” without centralized intermediaries or authorities could be disruptive to the development of new financial services, further promoting the Internet of Value (IoV), which is already redefining the industrial, banking and governmental horizons.

About the Blockchain Academy Europe

As a participant, you will acquire the basics to start mastering the technological and socio-economic aspects of Bitcoin and Blockchain. You will be able, for example, to create and control your bitcoin wallet and to understand the technology that governs it. You will understand why everyone is interested in learning more about this topic and how to use what you will learn as a lever both in your personal and  working life.

The course is very interactive and combines in an appropriate way both theory and practice giving you the opportunity to acquire useful knowledge and tools to refine and improve your knowledge in this field. We have reached the fifth edition of the Blockchain Academy and thanks to our previous participants’ feedbacks we have improved and enhanced our course with new topics and material.

Organization of the Blockchain Academy

The Blockchain Academy Full (2 days) is designed for those who want a complete and effective understanding of Bitcoin, Blockchain technology and the growing Crypto Economy: the first day, is conceived as a conference in the morning in which it will be presented the state of the art technology, while the second part of the day will be dedicated to the first part of our course.

The second day provides an in-depth analysis of the most important technological breakthroughs made possible by Blockchain tech.

Join the Blockchain Academy Europe, the leading european blockchain educational course, and understand what this new technological paradigm will entail both in your daily life and in your working reality.

Confirmed Speakers

Ferdinando M. Ametrano – Ferdinando teaches “Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies” at Politecnico di Milano. Former Head of Blockchain and Virtual Currencies in Intesa Sanpaolo bank, he has been speaking about bitcoin at Bank of Italy, Italian Parliament Lower House, IlSole24Ore, and many international universities and conferences. Chairman of the Host Committee for Scaling Bitcoin 2016 in Milan, he is member of the European Banking Federation blockchain taskforce. His academic research focuses on price stability, advocating automated non-discretionary elastic monetary policy for a new generation of cryptocurrencies (Hayek Money).

Educational Goals

What challenges the course address? We introduce and discuss blockchain challenges to:

Gain a proper understanding between hype and reality

  • Blockchain promises to change financial services. Are we able to say exactly how and why?

Grasp a solid understanding of the interplay between technology, game theory, cryptography and monetary theory

  • Are all descriptions of Blockchain coherent and convincing?

Figure out when and how these technologies can fit any potential business cases

  • Many case studies are proposed by different players within the Blockchain ecosystem. Are any of them production ready?

Start to understand the legal aspects and implications of Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts

  • How does this contract work in legal terms?

Understand the kind of consensus required in the different governance models

  • What is the value of reaching consensus in a decentralized environment?

Appreciate and leverage the potential of this emerging ‘digital gold’

Is Bitcoin disruptive? Is there something better? Either way learning bitcoin is foundamental


Included in our Blockchain Academy fees we will provide the following:

  • Welcome Coffe – Coffee and Tea Selection, Fruit Juices, Fresh Fruit and the finest patisserie
  • 2 Coffee Breaks (AM/PM) – A relaxing time to enjoy a break and discuss with your peers
  • Buffet Lunch – A Light Lunch where all participants will gather and share insights together with the speakers. In case you would need a special meal let us know in advance
  • Networking Cocktail – Enjoy a relaxing time with our audience and speakers

Materials and Proceedings

Every participant will receive all the course material alongside our branded Blockchain Academy kit. All the Blockchain Academy proocedings will be shared in digital copies.


Day 1€1.150,00 + VAT

Full Academy (2 Days) – €1.850,00 + VAT


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