Blockchain Academy Munich – October 9 – 10 2017

The Blockchain Academy organized by B3 – Blockchain Business Board and held in Munich on October 9th -10th was another milestone in our internationalization process. We had the chance to share our views on Blockchain developments with a very varied audience coming from all over the world.  Our focus on Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, investments in the ecosystem and future developments has been appreciated once again.

Our proposed approach, which is a unique example in the Blockchain world, gave participants a solid understanding about the very basics of the Bitcoin protocol (Mining, Consensus, Wallets etc.). Blockchain technology is not something easy to grasp at first and for this reason our course gives all the knowledge required to easily manage the huge amount of information regarding Blockchain today.

Lecturer Ferdinando M. Ametrano guided participants across the intricacies and distinctive features of this new technology or, as he likes to specify, this mix of technologies that takes bits and pieces from Game Theory, Economic and Monetary Theory, Distributed systems (networking and data transmission) and Cryptography. Discussions and questions also covered the topics of Smart Contracts, Distributed Ledger Technologies, Use Cases and how companies are studying and implementing Blockchain technology to improve how they do business today.

We look forward to organize our next event which will take place in 2018 and stay tuned to know where we are heading next.


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