What if you bought 1 Bitcoin during our past Courses?

Did you know that some of our attendees earned more than what they paid for our Course?

When we started our Blockchain Academy in Milan last year Bitcoin was almost starting its 2017 rally. It was December 12th 2016 and the price of a single Bitcoin was $776.

Some of our participants bought one Bitcoin back then, and considering today’s price, they multiplied their investment six times.

More importantly, our attendees learnt about how Bitcoin works, how transactions are stored in the Blockchain, how the mining process makes this system very secure and reliable.

This was during our first Blockchain Academy because then we moved to London in March: a single Bitcoin went up to $1243 on March 13th.

As you all know our next Blockchain Academy will take place in Munich on October 9, 10: what it will be the price during those days?

We are very curious to find out and if you want to learn how Bitcoin became what it became recently do yourself a favor and join our Blockchain Academy.

If you reserve your seat after reading this we will guarantee you a 15% discount on our regular price.

The following Coupon Code is for you: BITCOIN2017

See you in Munich!




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