The Blockchain Academy connects the world of Academia and the world of Companies in order to transfer them the necessary knowledge about Blockchain Technology. Our mission is to support the spreading of knowledge and to foster a cultural shift in how business models could be enhanced by Blockchain based initiatives. We are working alongside many different players in various industries: we see an enormous impact in finance, energy, defense, healthcare, telco to a name a few of the most important sectors worldwide.

Blockchain Awareness

We are aware of the multiple data management challenges that lie ahead. We are accelerating the awareness of our Partners about blockchain challenges through our Blockchain Awareness Program made possible thanks to our network experts and Professors.

Blockchain Knowledge

Knowledge is power, sharing it among different industries leads to further empowerment. To facilitate the acquisition of knowledge we have structured an education program called Blockchain Master. Through our courses we transfer all the necessary know-how to provide the understanding about the way to possibly implement blockchain technologies in the company.

Blockchain Laboratories

We ensure a high-level strategic outlook through our International Strategic and Tech Partners who have developed specific experience in business management, consulting and development. Our Lab provides the best-in class technology experts who can develop Blockchain for tailored specific needs.


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