Month: July 2017

Bitcoin Cash to fork Bitcoin on August 1st

On August 1 2017 12:20 UTC, Bitcoin Cash developers will split off from the original Bitcoin blockchain thus creating a new coin called Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is essentially a fork of the ledger, that means Bitcoin owners will own the…

Bitcoin on the verge of activating BIP91

There have been some very important BIPs (Bitcoin Improvement Proposals) over the last year and a half. The most notorious one is Segregated Witness or SegWit as it is called today. Segregated Witness is a way to scale the protocol…

What is Blockchain technology

The word Blockchain as it is intended today has come a long way: it should be noticed that the term itself cannot be found in the original Bitcoin white paper written by the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto who defined at first…


Lecturer Ferdinando M. Ametrano – Ferdinando teaches “Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies” at Politecnico di Milano. Former Head of Blockchain and Virtual Currencies in Intesa Sanpaolo bank, he has been speaking about bitcoin at Bank of Italy, Italian Parliament Lower House, IlSole24Ore,…

Litecoin Just Hit a New All-Time High

The digital currency Litecoin has reached a new all-time high, rising to $51.31 — surpassing 2014’s record $50.7. As we wrote recently, after a successful SegWit activation, Litecoin left the $3 to 5 value range to enter the two digits consistently….


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